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Is Your Plumbing Ready for Spring?


Though most of us in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are self-isolating in our homes, the spring season is in full bloom outside! You know what that means — it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some serious spring cleaning. Let’s start with one of the most important parts of your home: the plumbing system.

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Kitchen and Bathroom

Sinks and faucets: You want to look for a few different things when inspecting your sinks and faucets. First and foremost, check for any signs of leakage. Dripping faucets can waste hundreds of gallons of water every month, which will also cause your water bill to spike. Next, run the faucet on and take a look at the water pressure. If the water pressure is lower than usual, you may have a clog or leak in the plumbing system. Finally, how is the water draining? Slow drainage or, even worse, water backup indicates you have a clogged drain. If that’s the case, you’ll need to call Hutchinson for a drain cleaning service.

Garbage disposal: Cleaning the garbage disposal should be at the top of your spring cleaning checklist, especially if this kitchen appliance doesn’t get flushed as often as it ought to. Make sure to turn off your garbage disposal by unplugging it or turning off the switch in the electrical panel before anything else. You don’t want this appliance to accidentally turn on while you’re working on it. Also, check the surrounding area underneath for signs of leakage.

Toilet: Your toilet can pretty much take care of itself without much maintenance from you or a plumber unless you’re dealing with a nasty clog. However, it’s good practice to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as it should be. Inspect the toilet bowl and tank for cracks in the porcelain, which you’ll want to repair immediately. Take a look around the base; is there any outstanding water that points to a leak? If so, you know what number to dial!


Water heater: Whether you own a traditional water heater or a modern tankless model, flushing your water heater is extremely important in prolonging its efficiency and lifespan. This simple maintenance step eliminates any mineral deposits that have accumulated inside the tank from hard water running through the system. We recommend scheduling a water heater repair or maintenance service with a trained professional to ensure this procedure is performed correctly.


Sump pump: It’s not uncommon for April showers to take New Jersey residents by storm (no pun intended). Some areas are known to flood more than others, so make sure that your sump pump is in the best condition possible to handle any deluge that finds its way into your home. Trust us when we say that a simple sump pump service today can save you a lot of money on water damage repairs in the future.

Exposed pipes: Check any exposed pipes in your basement to make sure they’re in good shape. Just because your pipes didn’t noticeably freeze or burst this past winter doesn’t mean everything is okay. You may have a small leak in the system that you should repair as soon as possible.


Is Your Plumbing Ready for Spring?

So, how will your plumbing fare this spring? If you have any doubts or concerns, be sure to give Hutchinson a ring! We’d be more than happy to inspect your plumbing system or perform any needed plumbing repairs, whether you live in Monmouth County, Bucks County, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.