AC Check-Up
AC Check-Up


Get An Expert Air Conditioner Check-Up!

Don’t let your air conditioning system eat your cash.

A professionally serviced air conditioning system is your best defense against high utility bills throughout summer. Even the smallest problems can cause your system to become inefficient – and make your cooling costs rise by as much as 50%! Make sure your air conditioning costs are kept at a minimum during the hottest days of the year.

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Contact Hutchinson for all your 10-Point AC Check-Up now. It is a great way to make sure your air conditioning and cooling system is in tip-top shape. One of our skilled technicians will perform the following check-up on your AC system:

AC Check-Up

  • Thermostat Operation
  • Coil
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Voltage & Amperage
  • Electrical Connections
  • Operating Pressures
  • Temperature Drop
  • Blower Operation
  • Condensate Drain & Pump
  • Overall Maintenance

Updates to the Regional HVAC Equipment Efficiency and Testing Standards

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AC Check-Up

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