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Water Heater Repair in Burlington County, Camden County, and Gloucester County, NJ

When it comes to staying clean and comfortable year-round, water heaters are indispensable. It’s easy to take hot water for granted, but anyone who’s had their water heater break on them appreciates what an emergency it is. Don’t settle for companies that take days to respond to your water heater repair and servicing needs. Turn to Hutchinson for routine and emergency plumbing services.

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Hot Water Heater Service in Delaware County, PA

Hutchinson is a one-stop solution for all of your plumbing needs. We cover services such as:

  • Water heater repair to get your tank back in running order as quickly as possible and ensure it continues running properly.
  • Water heater installation done right quickly, at great prices.
  • Drain unclogging that will clear out blockages and maintain the integrity of your pipes.
  • Water heater inspection and general preventative maintenance services that spot problems before they become serious, saving you time and money.

We’re able to get every job done right, thanks to our years of experience and in-depth understanding of how water heaters work.

How Do Water Heaters Work?

A water heater would appear to be a miracle to most human beings throughout history, but it’s a surprisingly simple device. Most water heaters throughout America have the same basic design. Typically, a 40, 50, or 60-gallon tank will hold the water and forms the most recognizable component of the device. Water enters from the top at the dip tube and heads to the bottom, where the heating mechanism warms the water.

You’ll generally see the heat-out pipe near the top of the water heater; this pipe allows water to flow out of the tank to your faucets. Other important components include the thermostat, which gives you information and control over the temperature of the water, and the ignition light that tells you when the water heater is working to make the water hotter.

Water heaters also have a few components that aren’t so relevant to consumers but play an important role in keeping the tank in working order. The sacrificial anode rod reduces corrosion from inside the tank, while the pressure relief valve keeps the internal pressure in the tank at safe levels. Finally, two important valves help maintenance and provide emergency control. The shut-off valve prevents water flow into the tank, while the drainage valve removes water from the tank to allow for interior maintenance.

Of course, there’s one big exception to all of this. Inline water heaters have a tankless design that rapidly heats water on-demand. While they’re highly different from conventional water heaters, Hutchinson is highly experienced in repairing them as well.

Emergency Hot Water Heater Repair

Without hot water, your family won’t be able to wash their hands, take showers, wash dishes, or do so many other things necessary to keep your home clean. Not to mention that delayed repairs might cause a problem to worsen in the meantime. When you need an emergency plumbing service, Hutchinson will be there to answer the call. You can count on receiving water heater repair, boiler repair, drain cleaning, and other urgent plumbing services on short notice. Emergencies strike suddenly and unexpectedly, so repairs need to be complete just as quickly.

If you need water heater services in Delaware County, PA, and beyond, you know who to call. Get in touch to talk about preventative maintenance, signs you need to replace your water heater, and learn about other ways Hutchinson can help you.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless units heat water on demand, only when you need it. The tankless technology offers endless hot water – you’ll never take a cold shower again because the water is only heated when it is being used. Tankless water heaters are a great energy efficient solution for heating the water in your home. You’ll enjoy energy savings, better performance, extended life, fresh water, space savings and more capacity than traditional “tanked” water heaters.

Benefits of tankless water heaters:

  • Delivers hot water to fixtures quickly resulting in water conservation
  • On average 30% more energy efficient than a standard storage water heater
  • Advanced technology increases efficiency, reducing water-heating costs by up to 50%
  • Longer lifespan when compared to standard storage water heaters
  • Ready Link® Cascade System

For more on water heaters, repairs or installations, or any of our other products and services, please contact us. We offer repair and installation services in Philadelphia County, or in New Jersey in Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County and Atlantic County. Don’t forget to ask us about our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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