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Ductless HVAC Systems

When Hutchinson enters your home, they envision your whole home—each single room as a unit of a ductless HVAC system. Though you may scoff at the thought of a purely ductless living space, it’s not that crazy a concept.

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Imagine that you had your heating and cooling connected, all controlled and zoned to your heart’s desire.

In the ever-evolving, high-efficiency world of HVAC, we like to call this, “total home comfort”, and we mean it.

A Space Without Ductwork

While residents of the Tri-State Area may be stirred by the sight of a ductless HVAC system, home and business owners in more Southern climates have long since embraced the idea. Rather than rely on bulky duct tracts for air conditioning and heating, technicians utilize an outdoor compressor, coupled with any number of indoor units. The resulting ductless mini split heat pump is more energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing than other AC solutions.


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Ductless Heating and Cooling

Compared to ducted air conditioning, mini splits bring you a flexibility and autonomy that is as energy efficient as it is beautiful. With zoned total home comfort, your house as a whole is transformed. Depending on your lifestyle, and your taste, you may elect to divide up your home into multiple zones—equipping each one with its own thermostat.

Why waste air conditioning on your whole house, if you’re only trying to warm or cool down those occupied spaces?

Whether you’re a resident of Central or South Jersey, a homeowner of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, or in the Northern Delaware area, you shouldn’t have to pay for 24/7 air conditioning.

Ductless HVAC Systems

The Multi Zone of Mitsubishi

As it so happens, Mitsubishi is the brand that Hutchinson trusts when it comes to ductless HVAC systems. Once installed throughout your whole home, Mitsubishi gives you comfort and control wherever, and whenever you want it. Whether you’re hyper-heating or cooling every single room, or each one individually, Mitsubishi Electric allows you to do it remotely and easily from your smartphone or tablet.

With the power of hyper-heating technology, gone are the days of depending on the spare space heater during those coldest months. Regardless of where you live in the Delaware Valley, Northern Delaware, or South Jersey—a Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps will withstand your winters, and do so with the highest efficiency.

Silent & Comfortable Conditioning

If you’re dreaming of living without dirty and noisy ductwork, Hutchinson is here to rescue you. Older systems drum and clang all day and night, disturbing you as you rest and relax in your room. When your AC is zoned through Mitsubishi Electric, no ducts can bother you. By design, ductless HVAC systems activate ever so quietly, insulated and dampened against vibrations. As we tell our customers, no ducts mean no noise—and that’s something we can promise you.

Quality Hutchinson Contracting

Now that you’re accustomed to the idea of going ductless, you’ll be happy to hear that our Hutchinson technicians are trained and ready to help you. Beyond installations, they’re also qualified to oversee heating repairs, and AC repairs too.

Operating from our headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, our qualified technicians aid a range of counties in the Tri-State area, including:

  • South Jersey
  • Central New Jersey
  • Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding counties
  • Northern Delaware

Updates to the Regional HVAC Equipment Efficiency and Testing Standards

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