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Thinking of Remodeling Your Bathroom Soon? Read this First!


Spring is the busiest time of the year for home renovation projects in Gloucester County and the surrounding areas. It makes sense you’ll want to give your bathroom a fresh look during the season known for new beginnings. Therefore, read this blog to gain some helpful tips and insights into your renovation projects.

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To Remodel or Not to Remodel?

Many homeowners are on the fence when it comes to remodeling their bathroom(s). The number one thing that holds them back? Money. Of course, bathroom renovations don’t come cheap, but they can be done for less than you think if you budget carefully and take it slow. But, we’ll dive more into that a little bit later. First, let’s determine if your bathroom could use a little pick-me-up.

Take a look around your bathroom and ask yourself, “Does it still fit my needs and style?” Your bathroom should be, most importantly, functional, but also tastefully designed. If it lacks in either category, you might want to consider revamping the space. For example, do you have enough space to comfortably accommodate all of your plumbing fixtures, vanity cabinets, appliances, and other bathroom equipment? Is your plumbing system falling apart and making your bathroom inconvenient? How old are the color scheme and matching decor? Are you looking to add value to your home before putting it on the market? Any of these reasons can serve as a basis for a bathroom remodel.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The truth is, every bathroom is unique and requires different upgrades during a renovation, so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cost without having a professional plumber, electrician, and subcontractor take a look at your current bathroom. That being said, the average bathroom remodeling project costs about $10,000 for design, appliances and fixtures, and labor. Although you’re already mapping out all of the upgrades you can manage by yourself, we want to stress that you shouldn’t skimp on professional help when you need it! Hiring a professional plumbing service company now can save you thousands in the future.

Plumbing Tips to Keep in Mind

Nothing in your bathroom is more important than a functional plumbing system. From the sink and the toilet to the shower and the bathtub, your plumbing runs throughout every inch of your bathroom. Therefore, you have to make sure everything is installed correctly and running smoothly, lest you want a plumbing disaster to ruin your new renovations.

Keep these plumbing tips in mind:

  • How old is your current plumbing system? If it hasn’t been upgraded, or worse yet, serviced since before you moved in, it may be time to replace the whole system. Read our blog to learn more about repiping your house.
  • Make sure every new fixture is sized correctly, especially your toilet. The rough-in, or the opening in your bathroom floor that the toilet sits in, has certain measurements. Toilets that are too small or too big won’t fit correctly.
  • Check your water pressure before you buy plumbing fixtures. Some accessories will restrict your current water pressure, so you’ll be left with a sad drizzle of water when it’s all said and done.
  • Consider going green! There are so many ways your bathroom can become energy-efficient nowadays. You can install low-flow toilets or a tankless water heater to avoid wasting unnecessary water and save money!

Don’t Make These Mistakes

When in Doubt...

Call a Hutchinson expert! Our professional plumbers have helped many residents throughout Gloucester County and the surrounding areas, with bathroom remodeling projects and plumbing repairs. We’ll be happy to help you too! Just give us a call today.