Do Ceiling Fans Help Cool Your Home?

ceiling fan

Many people falsely believe that ceiling fans help keep a home cool and comfortable while away. However, a ceiling fan actually adds heat to a room due to its electric motor. On the other hand, a ceiling fan will help keep you cool if you are in the room, but it’s a good idea to […]

The Top Reasons to Have an HVAC Maintenance Contract

hutchinson maintenance plan and tools

Keeping your HVAC system working at an optimal level is key in saving you money while also ensuring you stay comfortable throughout any season. The typical lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15 to 20 years before you need to consider making a replacement. However, signing up for a maintenance contract with an HVAC […]

Can Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Plumbing?

chemical drain cleaner being poured down drain

Clogged drains can be more than a hassle. Left unresolved, they can lead to widespread water damage in your home and that’s why it’s important to address slow-running drains before the problem gets out of hand. There are dozens of chemical drain cleaners available at your local grocer, hardware store, and home improvement outlet that […]

How to Go Green With Your HVAC System

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Looking at ways to go green is a great way to save money on energy while also helping out the environment. One way homeowners can lessen their carbon footprint is to focus on eco-friendly options with their HVAC system. Heating and cooling often account for nearly half of the total amount of energy used by […]

Can Air Filters Help Stop Viruses?

air filter being changed by hutchinson technician

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conversation about virus protection has gone a notch higher. Some of the practices proposed to slow or stop viruses from spreading include social distancing, sanitization, frequent hand washing, and staying home. Notably, improving indoor air quality using your air filtration system can go a long way in […]

Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter 2020 with Hutchinson’s Checklist

Hutchinson offers heating services for winter comfort in NJ and PA.

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to make sure your HVAC system is operating at a high level. Following a simple checklist will help improve energy efficiency and prevent small problems from turning into much bigger issues. Reaching out to a company that offers professional heating services is also a great way […]

7 Places in Your Home Where Leaks are Most Likely to Occur

7 Places in Your Home Where Leaks are Most Likely to Occur There’s nothing worse than finding water damage in your home, especially if you could have prevented it in the first place. At Hutchinson, we always make it a point to advise our clients to check common places where leaks can be found in […]

Ready to Go Tankless?

Ready to Go Tankless? If you’re on this page, it means your current water heater is about to kick the bucket and you’re preparing yourself for its imminent replacement. Whether your water quality has significantly deteriorated or you’re constantly calling for plumbing repairs in your Gloucester home, it’s smart to plan ahead when considering a […]

Boiler Problems to Be on the Lookout For

Boiler Problems to Be on the Lookout For It’s impossible to survive a harsh winter without a properly functioning heating system. Most homeowners who perform routine care and maintenance on their boilers usually have nothing to worry about come wintertime. However, boiler problems can sneak up even on the most diligent caretakers. To ensure your […]

The Solutions to a Slow Draining Sink

The Solutions to a Slow Draining Sink A slow draining sink starts out as a minor inconvenience and develops into a serious plumbing issue. If you’re faced with this dilemma, the best course of action is to eliminate the cause of the problem: the blockage. Blockages are most commonly caused by improper drain usage, such […]