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Do Ceiling Fans Help Cool Your Home?

Do Ceiling Fans Help Cool Your Home?

Many people falsely believe that ceiling fans help keep a home cool and comfortable while away. However, a ceiling fan actually adds heat to a room due to its electric motor. On the other hand, a ceiling fan will help keep you cool if you are in the room, but it’s a good idea to turn the fan off once you leave the room. Reaching out to a company that offers an energy audit in NJ is always a great option to learn more tips to keep a home comfortable while also improving energy efficiency.

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Here are a few more things to remember about ceiling fans in the home.

Lower Speed is More Efficient

Turning a fan on low or medium is much more efficient than running it on the highest speed available. You can check out fan efficacy labels to know that you will get more CFM per watt while using a fan at the lowest speed. Keeping these things in mind is always a good idea to help you stay comfortable while saving money on your utility bill.

Bigger is Best with Ceiling Fans

Fans with longer blades are ideal for bigger rooms, as it creates a softer and more comfortable airflow. However, fans with shorter blades are a better option for smaller rooms. These small details can make a big difference in helping you stay comfortable, as it’s always well worth the effort to learn more information about a specific ceiling fan before you make a purchase.

Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Turning a ceiling fan on while you are in the same room can help you feel more comfortable, which allows you to turn up the thermostat and save a few dollars. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area with warm temperatures. Over time, these cost savings can add up and save you quite a bit of money.Hutchinson offers HVAC services for customers throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We are always happy to answer any questions and discuss more ways for you to lower your energy bill. Give our team a call today or send us an email to learn more about scheduling a home energy audit in New Jersey!