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When Should I Consider Repiping My House?


A plumbing system that isn’t up to par will only deteriorate with time. That’s why we’re always encouraging customers to schedule HVAC and plumbing checkups. However, there comes a time when repiping your home is the only solution for your plumbing problems. Here are the common signs that signal your plumbing system needs professional care:

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  • Your plumbing fixtures emit loud screeching, moaning, and clanking noises when they’re in use.
  • No amount of drain cleaning provides a long-term solution for your clogged drain.
  • You notice signs of water damage from a plumbing leak.
  • Water comes out rusty, discolored, dirty, or smelly.
  • Your plumbing fixtures provide poor water pressure.
  • Water temperatures frequently fluctuate and without warning.

Depends on the Age of Your Plumbing System

Make Pipes Last Longer with These Tips

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners – Homeowners will reach for their “trusty” liquid drain cleaner whether they’re trying to fix a slow drain or eliminate a severe clog. These products are advertised to be completely safe for your drains, but they’re actually not. Liquid drain cleaners are made of harsh chemicals that eat away at everything in their way, whether that’s debris, plastic, or metal. Of course, they’ll eliminate your clog, but they’ll do so at the expense of your drain’s stability.

Repair Leaks Immediately – Of all the damages your plumbing system can sustain, a leak is nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! Leaks are the first sign of a serious issue and require immediate correction from a professional plumber. If your plumbing system is leaking, you’re either dealing with a cracked pipe or an unsealed connection between two pipes. Either way, water wear takes effect very quickly, causing the leak to grow and become a flood.

Only Dispose of Correct Items – Don’t force your toilet to function as a makeshift trash can. Individual plumbing fixtures, and your plumbing system as a whole, were developed for very specific purposes: to transport fresh water and remove waste from your house. Therefore, the only litter it was designed to carry is water, human waste, and small amounts of toilet paper. Anything else will put undue stress on your pipes, causing them to deteriorate or clog faster.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – don’t neglect your plumbing maintenance. As a professional plumbing service company in Camden County, NJ, our job is to make sure your pipes are in the best condition possible. We can repair small leaks and clogs without breaking a sweat (or your bank), but if your pipes corrode to the point of collapse, the only solution left is a pipe replacement. Regular maintenance extends your plumbing system’s lifespan more than you can imagine.

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