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Save Big on Your Heating Bills


You can have the most efficient heating system in Bucks County, PA, installed in your home — doesn’t mean you’re not always looking to save a little more on your heating bills. Now you can! Below are the best ways to ensure you’re saving big on your heating bills.

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Around the House

Get Proper Insulation – The main reason your heating bills are a scary sight to behold is that you’re constantly losing hot air and forcing your heater to work harder. Proper insulation is essential to trap heat inside your home, so you may want to consider upgrading. However, insulation isn’t isolated to your attic. You may also have an air leak in your home. An air leak is any hole in your house that lets air escape outside. Make sure all wall, roof, and duct cracks are sealed, as well as close all windows, doors, and chimney flues properly.

Put the Fans to Use – If you have fans installed in your home, put them to use! Fans aren’t just for cooling you down during the hot summer days. They actually help circulate air! Heat rises, which is why your second floor is always warmer than your first floor. When you turn your fans on, all the hot air that travels upward will be pushed down and evenly distributed throughout the room.

Clear the Vent’s Pathway – Do you find yourself shivering no matter how high you set the thermostat? The problem may not be with your heater, but with your vents. A lot of homeowners don’t realize they may be accidentally blocking their vents, which causes air to get trapped inside the ducts instead of flowing freely through the rooms. Check that your vents are not blocked by furniture, rugs, toys, or anything else.

Tinker with the Thermostat – When your home is perfectly insulated and circulating air, but you’re still not seeing the results you want, it’s time to tinker with your thermostat. Here you have two options: you can either be a little stingy and turn the heat down, or splurge a little more and upgrade to a smart model. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t mind the cold? Turn your heat setting down and bundle up a little more. There’s no better way to feel cozy in the wintertime. If you can’t stand the cold, upgrade to a smart thermostat. These devices will program themselves to provide optimal heat when you need it and shut down when you’re not home. You can save money without having to do anything at all.

On the System

Don’t skimp out on your HVAC repairs. Bucks County, PA, or South Jersey residents who schedule regular home heating repairs and maintenance enjoy heating systems that perform at top efficiency, which is what truly saves them the most money in the long run. To learn more, contact a Hutchinson associate today.