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3 Ways to Tell if Your Air Conditioning Desperately Needs Repairs


With warmer weather comes increased usage of your air conditioning, but something seems off this time. What is that smell? Why is it making that noise? What has caused the airflow to lessen drastically? All of these are valid reasons for concern. Luckily, Hutchinson is an air conditioning repair company with decades of experience, so we’re here to help you learn what could be wrong with your unit and fix it for you.

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Why does my air smell weird?

If you’re smelling something off in the air while your AC is running, the chances are that something is wrong. If you suspect that the problem is your air conditioner, contacting our AC repair company is your best bet to solve it. Abnormal smells, such as mustiness or moldiness, are common with central air conditioning due to excess moisture in the system. With this in mind, it’s essential to consider getting your ducts cleaned to help ensure the smell won’t come back anytime soon.

What is that loud noise?

It is normal for some air conditioners to make low, humming sounds when starting up. However, noises such as loud banging, buzzing, or whistling are cause for concern. If you hear anything out of the ordinary when your air conditioner is kicking on or off, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our repair team to find the specific cause and how we can best fix it.

Why is the airflow not as strong as it once was?

If you’re noticing a radical difference in the air conditioner’s intensity, something might be causing it to malfunction. This disruption could be a multitude of problems, whether it’s just a clog in the system or a more severe issue like a broken-down motor. Regardless of the source of the problem, Hutchinson’s local air conditioning repair teams have the skill set to revitalize your AC’s airflow.

What’s Next?

While we’ve listed three common issues with air conditioning units, many other situations require our AC repair professionals’ perspective. Whether you’re in Philadelphia, Gloucester County, or somewhere in between, please call us for immediate service.