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Can Air Conditioning Help to Improve Indoor Air Quality?


You can’t put a price on the quality of the air that we breathe, it’s one of the essential parts of living a healthy life. As the leading provider of air conditioner maintenance for Cape May County, and nearby areas, we work hard to improve the quality of the air within peoples properties all year round.

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How Air Conditioners Help to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioners filter air that circulates inside our homes. During this process, the filter systems inside AC units remove harmful particles from the air, making the air cleaner and safer to breathe. The bigger particles get caught on their way into the air handler – the component that actually removes moisture from the air.

Dust, debris, and pollutants are continually being removed as your air conditioning system works relentlessly, cycle after cycle, to purify and cool the air that you are breathing every day.

If your air still feels stuffy during the spring or summer, below are a few steps you can also take to optimize your AC system.

Clean the AC Ducts

Over time, dust and debris collect within the air ducts connected to your air conditioning system. Always make sure that ducts are sealed tightly and that they are professionally checked over at least once every 12 months. Professional cleaning can help eliminate all sources of dirt and ducts, and many technicians will also reseal any loose ducts.

Regularly Change the Filters

If the air filters inside your AC are clean, the air that you breathe will be fresh. Check the filters every two weeks and try and replace them whenever they appear to be dirty. This will also help you save money on utility bills as dirty filters make the AC system work harder to clean the air.

Clean Out The Evaporator Coil

Some AC systems will be set up in a way that enables you to clean the evaporator coils yourself. For others you’ll need to call a professional. Keeping the coil clean will help to keep the air clean. We recommend having your coil cleaned by a professional at least once a year and to check the coil every time the filter is replaced.

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