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Cape May Point, NJ is a beautiful borough located at the tip of the Cape May Peninsula in Cape May County. Perhaps it is best known for the “Cape May Light”, though some argue it sits in lower township, people come to the Point to see it. The 157-foot-high Cape May Lighthouse, which is still an aid to navigation, provides a spectacular panoramic view of the scenic Cape May peninsula.

The local residents have come to trust Hutchinson’s contractors to provide HVAC services that keep their homes comfortable during the summer and winter months. Our AC services, as well as our heating services are second to none. We are also very energy friendly, offering the US Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program audits to ensure your home’s energy efficiency. Hutchinson’s plumbing is not only “expertly better” but is right in harmony with Cape May Point’s green conservation goals.

The original lighthouse was built in 1823 and its replacement came in 1847, but only lasted until 1859 when the current beauty was built. Today it is known to be the second oldest continuously running lighthouse in the United States. The oldest is a neighbor in Northern NJ.

Another beloved landmark here is St. Mary’s By-The-Sea. The hotel was built in 1890 as the Shoreham Hotel, and later was converted to a rectory. In 1909 the place was purchased by the church and a building was moved from Philadelphia, originating there in 1876.

Cape May Point has religious roots, as churches and hotel tourism businesses once competed for dominance. In 1875, the Philadelphian John Wanamaker (the famed namesake of the department store) along with Alexander Whilldin (a wool merchant) officially founded Cape May Point. Their intention was to establish a religious community, with a booming tourist destination. The churches and nature soon won the battle, and Wanamaker’s as well as other’s hotels fell into the sea. The only standing remainder from those days is St Mary’s.

Cape May Point is still a “dry” town where no alcohol is bought or sold. It is a very quiet place with only a general convenience store and a gift shop. There is no mail service, and people walk to the post office to retrieve their mail. There are also no schools or restaurants, but there are abundant trees and lush plantings. The quite of gardening and nature, combine with the lovely calm sea, creating a tranquil beloved area for locals. Its population of 241 rises to 4,500 in summer.

The isolation with nature adds to Cape May Point’s charm and is great for the environment. Cape May Point is also a wildlife sanctuary, providing rest and safety for an impressive number of migratory birds every year.

From bird watching, to the protected sanctuaries to the marine species consortium, Cape May Point is a beacon of light for conservation. You can visit and walk the trails at Cape May Point State Park, a key site on the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail. This provides a unique, diverse area of dunes, wetlands, forests and ponds. This lovely park offers great opportunities to see dolphins and other ocean life along with bird and monarch butterfly migration.

With an environmental center full of educational programs, the park is a haven for the environmentally aware families of Cape May Point. Hutchinson’s heating and AC contractors are a perfect fit to provide energy saving HVAC services to this small community. We are also available 24/7 to help with a plumbing emergency.

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