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What Are Those Running Water Sounds Coming from My AC Unit?

What Are Those Running Water Sounds Coming from My AC Unit?

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AC is a brilliant commodity available to millions of homeowners, but occasionally, things happen inside AC systems that can cause stress and concern to homeowners.

In fact, do you hear splashing, dripping, or any other water-related noises coming from your AC system? Consider some of the information below before you call a professional to inspect your system.

Running Water or Splashing Sounds

AC systems are specifically designed to get rid of all the humidity within a room so that there is no build up of water in the air. If the AC system in your home is making a noise that sounds similar to running water, this could be a problem.

It could mean that the AC system is failing to drain, and the drip pan inside has started to overflow. This could also cause a massive leak into your home if it is not looked at by a professional ASAP.

If you notice water physically dripping from your AC system, call a professional HVAC and AC maintenance team immediately. Any delay in fixing this problem could cause further damage to your home.

Dripping Noises

There is no need to worry if you can hear a dripping noise coming from the direction of your AC system. AC systems create condensation as they remove the humidity from the air. Once the water is removed from the air, it will splash into a drip tray inside the AC system. Therefore, the dripping sound is a sign that your AC system is working correctly and doing its job. However, if this sound is becoming increasingly frustrating, you can look at getting your drip tray emptied from time to time.

AC systems are intricate pieces of technology, and they work tirelessly to purify and cool the air that flows around your property. If you suspect that your AC system isn’t working as it should be, call our expert team for a free quote. To schedule 24/7 emergency repair services, click here.