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Top Ways to Save Energy on Heating Costs This Year


Although winter’s here and the cold temperatures won’t be dropping soon, it’s never too late for you to rethink your heating and utility bills. If you’re dedicated to saving yourself money, it’s always possible to refine and reexamine your energy usage without sacrificing your lifestyle and comfort.

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If you’re on the fence about paying for heating repairs for your home near Burlington County, we here at Hutchinson have some professional HVAC advice on how to slash your heating costs as you maximize your heater:

  1. Utilize the power of sunlight. Winter may be known for being warm and sunny, but that does not mean you can’t harness the Sun to your advantage. By opening curtains, blinds, and shades covering your windows and skylights, you’ll allow the sun to slip in and warm up your surroundings during the day.
  2. Layer yourself in extra savings. Though we may moan and groan about it, wearing an extra layer or two during the winter can culminate in hundreds of dollars of savings at the season’s end. Before you reach for that thermostat, think about that cozy sweater you’ve been meaning to wear; as well as a second pair of socks for your toes and feet.
  3. Apply a set of weather stripping. If you didn’t have any weather stripping around the doors and windows of your home, invest in some starting today. By minimizing the drafts in your home, you’ll minimize how much your heater overworks.
  4. Gauge your thermostat accordingly. As a general HVAC rule of thumb, we recommend that you adjust your thermostat down a couple degrees before you go to sleep, and long leaves of absence from your home.
  5. Heat up the rooms that you inhabit. Simply put, don’t waste the cost of your utilities by heating up a room that you won’t be occupying. Direct warm air where you need in most in your home.
  6. Invest in energy-efficient lighting. During those longer nights and shorter days, you’ll be much happier when you see your utilities if you swap out your older lighting for LEDs.
  7. Maintain an optimal furnace or heater. Being a seasoned HVAC company, it would be irresponsible if we didn’t recommend a professional heater repair or replacement at your home in Camden County or one of the surrounding areas.

So long as you keep this advice in mind, and give your heater system the love and maintenance that it requires, you’ll pass the winter of 2018 smoothly and efficiently, limiting your spending and increasing your happiness.