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How to Keep Warm Without Cranking Up the Heat During that Next Snowstorm


At the moment of that first snowstorm of the season, you may feel a shadow of a chill seep down your spine and into your bones. Before you surrender to the snowfall and increase the temperature on your home thermostat, stand your ground and relax. While you may feel inclined to feel as warm and fuzzy as possible, will that feeling last when you see next month’s utility bill?

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People living in homes with fireplaces may be happy to weather the storm by watching the snow and starting a fire. If you’re short on fireplaces and cups of hot chocolate, you may not have that winter luxury available to you. Lacking a fireplace, you may have invested in a space heater; but like your furnace or boiler, an overactive space heater can quickly get costly.

While relying on our heaters and thermostats may seem like the simplest and most logical way to deal with the snow and ice, you do have alternatives (including a handy heater repair for your home in the South Jersey area):

  • Start by searching for, and sealing off any drafts in your home with weather stripping or other insulation available at your local depot or supermarket franchise. By eliminating the air leaks along your doors and windows, you’ll feel more of the heat in your home and less of the cold outside.
  • Don your warmest pair of socks, sweaters, and leggings that’ll keep you heated at those coldest heights of the winter season.
  • When laying down to sleep, utilize an electric blanket or extra-insulated comforter. You’ll be able to keep your thermostat down while maintaining your comfort at the coldest and darkest hours of the night.
  • Purchasing a rug for your wood or tile flooring will keep your feet that much warmer and prevent against further heat loss.
  • Cooking more during the winter will minimize your vehicle’s fuel costs, while utilizing the heat that your stove and oven produces in the process.
  • By adjusting your ceiling fan to a slower speed, you’ll maintain and circulate the flow of warm air in your home and living spaces.

Once you’ve taken advantage of all of these simple suggestions, you’ll be that much wiser and warmer to face the worst snowstorms of the winter season. While you’re fixated on thoughts of energy efficiency, you may even schedule a heater tune-up and 10-point check-up with the best HVAC company in South Jersey.