Why Might My Home’s Water Pressure Be Low?
Why Might My Home’s Water Pressure Be Low?


Why Might My Home’s Water Pressure Be Low?


Over the years of owning and maintaining a household, you’re likely to encounter the problem of low water pressure. As the water sprays from your showerhead, you may note that it is not quite as powerful as it should be; the few minutes it once took to fill your kitchen sink drag on indefinitely. Undeniably, this problem is frustrating for any homeowner and the direct cause of it may not always be so evident. It is in cases like these that you may see the practicality of consulting local plumbing professionals.

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Having inspected and diagnosed plumbing systems in households of all sizes, our licensed Hutchinson technicians understand what could be causing the decline in your water pressure and what you can do to resolve it.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common causes of low water pressure and the symptoms that follow them.

1. Relatively easy to inspect and remedy yourself, shutoff valves often cause the decline in water pressure that confuse and alarm both new and seasoned homeowners. Were a shutoff valve to be partially closed, the water pressure within your home would decrease consistently. If you suspect that your shutoff valves could be the culprit here, locate them in your home and ensure that they are fully opened.

2. Just as frequently a cause, a clog and accumulations of debris and minerals inside your water pipes can affect water pressure in certain areas of your household. Because clogs tend to be limited to one specific area, like your kitchen or a bathroom, they can be easy to find and fix without any major complications.

3. Multiple running faucets may introduce problems if the piping in your home is not large enough for the amount of water you are using. You will know this is likely the cause of water pressure problems if they only occur when you are washing your clothing and showering at the same time.

4. Any leaks in your plumbing system will lead to drops in water pressure. Inspecting for a leak is not always so easy and may, in fact, necessitate the professional services of the local plumbing experts at Hutchinson.

5. If you have consulted a local plumbing company and concluded that the low water pressure is not caused by your piping, it may be the fault of your local municipal water supply. In order to confirm this, you can contact them directly and inquire as to any leaks or mineral build ups that may be affecting your area.

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