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Signs That It Is Your Heating Unit’s Last Winter


There are a few certainties in life. Death. Taxes. The hope that your heater will last one more winter. If you’re like many of our customers, then you may have been holding onto that hope for a few winters already. Unfortunately, heaters, furnaces, and boilers—like all machines—will eventually break down and stop working. In fact, here are a few signs that this winter might be your heater’s last:

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“What was that noise?”

Have you recently found yourself sitting on the couch or lying in bed wondering “what was that noise,” and being satisfied that the answer was, “just my heater”?  Well, you may be disappointed to learn that loud or odd noises tend to mark the “beginning of the end” for heaters.  If you have been noticing loud or odd noises coming from your heater, then that just may be the sign that this winter will be your heater’s last.

“Not Again!”

Have you had to make multiple repairs to your heater in the past? Does your heater have ongoing, nagging, issues or maintenance problems? Frequency, recurring, and/or multiple issues with your heater can all be signs that your heater is “on its last leg” and that this winter may be it’s last.

“What Temperature is it Anyway?”

Do you find yourself repeatedly putting on and taking off the same sweatshirt while watching TV? Is your house too cold? Is your home too hot? Keeping your home at a set temperature is your heater’s only job. Any frequent temperature swings or other issues maintaining a set temperature within your home are due to the heater’s inability to do “its job.” That can be a sign that this winter maybe your heater’s last.

“Whose turn to pay the bill?”

Do you open your winter utility bill as if it may explode? Or is that what your head may do when you actually see the bill? Other than keeping your home at a set temperature, your heater has one other job, “heat your home affordably.” If your heater cannot heat your home affordably, then this should be your heater’s last winter.

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