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How A Heater Service Plan Can Benefit You This Winter


As a heating repair service company that has been serving South Jersey for the past several decades, we know that for most homeowners, winter starts their yearly battle with their heating systems.

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Will my heater keep me warm? Will my heater last the whole year? Will I have a heart attack when I open my heating bill? What else is going to go wrong this winter? You may or may not know it but a service plan for your heater could be the best thing you do for yourself this year, and here is why:

Ensures Yearly Maintenance 

Most experts will agree that your home’s heater should be treated to “routine,” yearly, maintenance. A simple cleaning of your heater is the most effective way to ensure that your heater will last the entire winter, keeping your family warm the whole time. A service plan for your heater will also ensure that your heater will be maintained this year.

Ensure Consistent Temperatures

For as little time as most people spend thinking about their heater, many of us overlook the fact that our thermostats are important parts of our heating systems. Part of your heater’s “routine” maintenance will be calibrating your thermostat to ensure that your home is actually the temperature you want.

Ensure Efficiency

Similar to your car where, overtime, the miles per gallon efficiency will decrease; your heater, overtime, will also become less and less efficient. Part of your “routine” maintenance will be to clean and service your heater to ensure that all components are operating properly. This will make sure that your furnace continues to burn fuel as efficiently as possible, ensuring that your utility bills stay low.

Ensure Clean Air

If your home uses ductwork to heat your home, then dust and dirt can collect inside your home’s heater. This can cause increased allergies and breathing issues, decreased efficiency, and increase the likelihood of costly repairs. Your heater’s service plan will guarantee your filters are clean to help ensure fresh air is present throughout your home.

Off hour & Additional Discounts

Emergencies happen (and they rarely happen between the hours of 9-5) which is why heater service plans should include night and weekend service. Additionally, heater service plans should include discounts off additional services—like plumbing—this way you are protected no matter what “Old Man Winter” throws at you this year.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling has been providing expert heater services and repairs to Evesham, Burlington, and the rest of Burlington County since 1948. Our experienced and trained technicians perform thousands of heater maintenances every year in your neighborhood, and are here to ensure that you and your family stay warm this winter. To learn more about our heating services available throughout South Jersey, please browse our site, or give us a call today.