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3 Signs That Indicate Something Is Wrong with Your Thermostat


Around this time every year amidst the endless festivities, family, and friends, few of us have either the time or desire to spend time thinking about the heaters in our homes. Besides your heater, the only think you may want to spend less time thinking about is your home’s thermostat. However, a malfunctioning thermostat can create an endless headache of issues, and here are a few ways to know if there is something wrong with your thermostat.

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System Won’t Turn On

A thermostat has a very easy job to do: it needs to figure out whether the room is hotter or colder than you want. If the room is colder than you want and your heater won’t turn on, then you may have a problem. To check this, turn up your thermostat by 5 degrees. This should turn your heater on almost immediately. If your heater still doesn’t turn on, you may have something wrong with your thermostat.

Room Temp & Setting Don’t Match

Similar to above, a thermostat needs to accurately determine the temperature in a given room. To test this, use any thermometer you have. Your thermostat should be within 3 degrees of the thermometer. If your thermostat “thinks” that a room is several degrees warmer or cooler than it actually is, then you may have something wrong with your thermostat.

Unit Won’t Turn Off or Switches On/Off Constantly

Once your thermostat “realizes” that a room is too cold, it should turn your heater on and have it run consistently until it reaches the right temperature. Once the room reaches the preferred temperature, then your heater should turn off. If your heater continues to run after the room has been heated, or, if your heater turns on and off repeatedly, then you may have an issue with your thermostat.

Your thermostat is just one part of your home’s heating system and there are many causes for your heater not to be working. Don’t try troubleshooting beyond these basic tests as it may cause damage to your heater, your home, or you. If these basic troubleshooting tips can’s help you determine the problem, call Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling today at 866-953-8728 for all of your home heating and plumbing needs this winter.