Reasons Why Your Home’s Water Pressure May Be Low
Reasons Why Your Home’s Water Pressure May Be Low

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Reasons Why Your Home’s Water Pressure May Be Low


As a plumbing company that serves Gloucester County, Burlington County, and Camden County, we know that given the number of issues going on in the everyday lives of our customers (work, family, bills, etc.) most of them don’t have the time or patience to deal with trivial issues.

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Whether it’s the water dribbling out of your shower, the sink which doesn’t have enough water to wash your hands, or the washing machine which doesn’t get enough water to do a full load of wash, low water pressure issues in your home can quickly escalate from being just a nuisance to full blown problems simply because you don’t have enough time in your day to deal with them.

If you do have problems with low water pressure inside your home, here are a few ways to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue:

Is the low water pressure throughout your home or just in one specific area?

If the issue is present throughout your home, ask your neighbors if they’re experiencing the same issues with low water pressure. Sometimes, low water pressure is a “geographic issue” present in all of the homes in an area, and there is nothing “wrong” with your home. If your neighbors are having the same issues and it is a “geographic issue,” then a water pressure booster pumps can quickly alleviate your issue.

If it is “just your home” that has the issue, then find your water meter/main, or where the water enters your home. Follow the water line to your hot water heater looking for any valve which may not be “fully” open (check each one to make sure they are completely open.) After “geographic issues,” obstructions inside of your water pipes are one of the next most common causes (with close valves being the easiest to search for and fix.) Also, look for pipes that are kinked, bent, or that show other signs of damage.

If the low water pressure issue is limited to one specific area of your home, such as a bathroom or kitchen sink, check under the sink to make sure the valves are fully open. If they’re fully open, remove the faucet aerator/cartridge (where the water actually comes out). If the water pressure improves, then this part is likely clogged with sediment or other particulates. A quick “GOOGLE” or “YOUTUBE” search will provide numerous simple cleaning techniques.

Is the lower water pressure an issue all day, or, is it an issue for only a few hours a day?

If you experience low water pressure consistently, such as all day long, AND followed all of the steps above, then it may be that the water pipes throughout your home are too small. You can frequently find this in older homes which have had multiple additions over the years or in homes which were “flipped” by the previous homeowners. Fixing this issue will likely require a licensed and professional plumber.

Alternatively, if the low water pressure only occurs once or twice throughout the day, the likely cause may be an issue of “peak time usage.” Peak time usage describes the periods of the day when you’re trying to use many of your home’s appliances at the same time. Does your morning look like this: one person is trying to shower, another person is running the washing machine to get his or her lucky shirt clean, while another is running the dishwasher to finish cleaning last night’s dinner, and the kids are . . . wait, where are the kids? You may have surpassed what your home’s plumbing system can handle. If this is the cause of your low water pressure, then call a licensed, professional plumber, or create a “water usage plan” to ensure that your home’s water supply is better spread out across the whole day.

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