5 Reasons Why Your Faucet Might Be Leaking
5 Reasons Why Your Faucet Might Be Leaking


5 Reasons Why Your Faucet Might Be Leaking


A leaky faucet can put a damper in your day. Your small, yet annoying, leak can send three gallons of water down the drain a day and can cause your water bill to spike.

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There may also be a variety of reasons why your faucet is dripping. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the five most common causes of a leaky faucet.

A Broken O-Ring

O-rings are the rubber rings that wrap around a pipe to seal up gaps that water can escape through. Over time, your O-ring can wear out and break, leading to a leak near the handle of your faucet.

Worn Out Washers

Just like your O-rings, rubber washers will need to get replaced after a certain amount of time. The friction between a washer between two parts causes the washers to get worn out, hence leading to a leak. Dripping caused by worn out washers can be fixed by replacing the washer. This type of leak is typically found in a compression faucet.

Corroded Valve Seat

A leak by the spout can also be caused by a corroded valve seat. What is a valve seat? A valve seat is a connector between the faucet and the spout. Water sediment buildup can corrode the valve seat, causing a leak. This is an easy fix for a professional, but you can avoid this issue by regularly cleaning the valve seat, generally with the help of a pro.

Improper Installation/Loose Parts

Often, if parts are not installed correctly, there is a chance that it can cause a leak. If you’re stumped on what is causing your leak, it may be time to call a pro. It is crucial to have a professional check all the nuts and bolts on your faucet from time to time since after a while they’ll get loose due to a couple of different factors. By maintaining the tightness of the bolts, it’ll help prevent an annoying drip.

Water Pressure

If your leak is only happening during certain times of the day, this can be caused by your water pressure being too high. High water pressure may prevent water from flowing away from a certain point and then create a backup and cause water to leak out at another place. Small leaks can start in your faucet, but can eventually lead to pinhole leaks in the piping, worsening over time. A professional plumber will be able to access your water pressure and adjust it to the proper level.
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