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Top 6 Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs


As the temperatures drop, you’ll start to rely on your furnace to keep your house cozy and warm. If you weren’t aware, the importance of your furnace does not stop at just keeping everyone in your home warm, it prevents seasonal issues like freezing and the bursting of pipes. Therefore, if you’re noticing some of the signs listed below, it might mean that it’s time to schedule an inspection for this valuable appliance!

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1. You’re Noticing a Strong Smell(s)

A heater can cause a few types of smells, some are normal, and some smells are a cause for concern. If you’re turning your furnace on for the first time in a while and notice a burning or musty smell, this is fairly common. This smell is typically caused by the burning of dust and dirt that gathered on your unit during the warmer months. If you’re noticing a sulfur or “rotten egg” smell, immediately call a professional because a natural gas leak could cause this odor. If you smell a metallic, electrical, or overheating odor when you turn on your furnace, you should turn off the furnace and schedule an assessment with a professional.

2. You’re Experiencing Inadequate Heat

When you’re always playing around with the thermostat and increasing the heat to stay comfortable, it’s probably sign there is an issue. A sign that your furnace may need a repair is low heat to all or some rooms in the house. If this situation sounds like yours, you may have a leak in the ducts or furnace itself.

3. Your Monthly Bills Have Steadily Increased

If you’ve noticed your gas or electric bills have increased over the last couple of months, this could mean your furnace may be losing its efficiency. As a furnace loses efficiency, it may run longer to provide the same amount of heat to your home and will cause your gas and electric bills to increase.

4. You Hear Persistent Noises

Any loud noises coming from your current heater is not a good sign. Most heaters aren’t completely silent to begin with, but if you’re noticing strange sounds regularly, that is a reason to contact a home heating service professional. Common noises of concern are squealing or whistling, which may come from the belt or fan, or banging or groaning sounds may be caused by broken and loose internal components.

5. You’re Experiencing Poor Air Quality

Older furnaces lose the ability to moisturize and clean the air in your home, which can cause your home to feel stuffy or stale. A poorly maintained furnace may spread dirt, bacteria, and other foreign particles along with the heated air. These issues may be solved merely by changing the filter, but in more severe cases the ductwork and furnace may need to be professionally cleaned.

6. The Furnace is Getting Older

The average life expectancy of a furnace in a home today is between 16 and 20 years. If your furnace is about this age or older, and you’re experiencing one or more of the signs above, you should consider calling an expert to perform an inspection to determine if your furnace needs any repairs. Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services is the leading heater repair company in Gloucester County with 70 years of experience. Schedule an appointment today by calling 866-953-8728!