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How Low Should I Put the Heat Down When I’m Not Home?


It’s that perennial question, every winter: “What temperature should I be tolerating inside of my home this December?” While the answer may vary from person to person and space to space, we here at Hutchinson think there’s a science and a logic you can follow so that your utility bills don’t cripple you financially.

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The Golden Rules of the Thermostat

When we here at Hutchinson hear this question (and we do quite frequently), we usually respond as follows:

  • Should you or anyone else living inside of your home be away for more than four hours, we recommend that the temperature drop by five degrees. Doing this, you’ll efficiently regulate your indoor temperatures without incurring the costs or subjecting yourself and any other inhabitants to an unpleasant chill.
  • If you intend to be away for a bit more than four days—say, an entire week—do yourself the favor of adjusting your thermostat 10-15 degrees below your desired indoor temperature. Why heat your home if no one will be utilizing it?

Minimizing the Costs of Your Heating

Above all, your concerns about heating boil down to your utilities. Heating a home is always a struggle between comfort and frugality. By heeding some of our helpful tips, you can ensure that you enjoy the convenience of a warm home without a financial burden.

  1. Convening with your loved ones or friends, pinpoint the exact temperature you want to maintain in your living space. Once you’ve agreed upon a number, it will be easier adjusting around it.
  2. If you observe a spike in your energy usage or the cost of your utilities, try lowering your indoor temperature by one degree each week. By experimenting in this way, you’ll soon find a sense of equilibrium.
  3. Assuming you don’t already own one, invest in a modern programmable thermostat. If you own a thermostat but suspect that it may not be all that accurate, don’t hesitate to call us here at Hutchinson. You can eliminate most of your anxieties and uncertainties surrounding your heating simply by keeping a calibrated thermostat within reach at all times.