How You Can Prevent and Fix Frozen Pipes This Winter Season
How You Can Prevent and Fix Frozen Pipes This Winter Season

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How You Can Prevent and Fix Frozen Pipes This Winter Season


A frozen pipe can be one of the most dangerous, costly, and troublesome of winter headaches. As you probably remember from your Middle School Science class: water expands when it freezes, adding a burgeoning amount of pressure inside of your piping. Past a point, the pipe simply breaks.

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If you’re planning to vacate temporarily during the winter, do make an effort to heed advice from your local plumbers in the Cherry Hill area. By taking advantage of our plumbing wisdom, you will be able to spend your 2017 winter on the safe side.

  • Be familiar with your plumbing. Be generally aware of how your pipes snake themselves through the house and how to locate those water shut-off valves should you have a plumbing emergency on your hands. If you’re itching to be extra proactive, go ahead and schedule a plumbing inspection and repair, whether you’re living in Camden County or a neighboring area.
  • Siphon out your outdoor plumbing. To help prevent your outdoor lines from bursting and disrupting your home’s plumbing system, make sure you drain out your swimming pool, sprinkler systems, and any excess water that may be lurking outside or below your home.
  • Heat your piping, by insulating. While you’re finishing up your outdoor inspections and draining, insulate as much of your piping as possible, both indoors and outdoors, down basements, crawl spaces, exterior walls, and garages. You can easily pick up insulation foam that’ll keep your piping safely above 32 degrees all winter long.
  • Keep your faucets trickling. One of the best, and simplest tricks to guard against your frozen piping nightmare is to keep water running through your plumbing. On a night that is especially frigid, turn the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms, allowing heat to pass into your piping.

Should your worst nightmare ever come to pass, don’t panic! If you followed our advice above, you’ll be more than ready to brace through the worst of it, as we mobilize and come to your aid.

  • Shut off your water valves.
  • Open all the faucets in your home.
  • Inspect your piping again for any leaks.
  • If your piping has yet to burst, try thawing it out.

Remember, Hutchinson always has your back. By calling our expert HVAC company, you’ll have all of our tools, technicians, and experiences at your disposal all winter.