Preventing Home Damage from Ice Dams
Preventing Home Damage from Ice Dams


Preventing Home Damage from Ice Dams


This winter has been one of the worst in recent memory. Homeowners everywhere have had issue after issue to contend with, and the season is still not over yet. Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling has performed countless heating repairs in New Jersey throughout the season. In this (hopefully) final stretch of winter, remember to take steps to prevent and remove ice dams and melting ice from your roof to avoid disastrous damage to your home.

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Ice dams are not the most welcome house guests. They occur when snow on the roof begins to melt and refreezes at the edges before it can fall to the ground. Now when more snow melts the water has nowhere to go, as the ice has formed a blockage or dam. This heavy, trapped ice can loosen or tear off gutters and downspouts, shift roof shingles, stain or compromise sheet rock, and even collapse ceilings.

I’m sure we’re in agreement that none of that sounds fun, but what is the solution? Cold roofs are a great method for preventing ice dams. They match the temperature of the outside air, keeping snow from melting until the weather gets warmer. Cold roofs are not very practical, however, unless you are building a completely new home or replacing your roof.

Bylin’s patented Eave heating panels prevent ice dams by evenly distributing heat along the length of the installation. The system switches on and off automatically when the temperature rises and falls, making heating panels an easy, one-time fix.

If you’re looking for simpler solutions, try keeping the space under the rood cold by adequately insulating attics. This way heat won’t be transferred to the roof and melt the snow. Remove snow from the bottom 1 to 2 feet of the roof (this is where ice dams form), and regularly clean gutter throughout the year to prevent ice dams. As a precaution shovel your roof immediately after snowfalls. If ice dams do occur get professional help to avoid further damage. If damage does occur, Hutchinson is the source for heating repair in Gloucester County.

Preventing Home Damage from Ice Dams