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What Heating System is Right for My House?


When choosing the best heating system for your house, it’s great to know what options are available. It’s also useful to have access to resources that provide expert opinions and help to answer any queries that you may have. As a leading provider of local HVAC services in Cookstown and surrounding areas, our experts can help you to choose the right heating system for your home. From boilers to furnaces and heat pumps, our team can help you make an informed decision for this valuable investment.

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In this piece, we’ll discuss the three main popular types of heating systems.


Gas and electric furnaces are some of the most popular heating options for today’s homes. Furnaces work by blowing hot air through the duct systems spread throughout a building. Furnace control systems can also run on different types of fuel, including natural gas, electricity, and oil.

Furnace systems are typically energy efficient. However, operating costs can vary depending on fuel rates, electricity prices, and energy costs. When selecting the best type of furnace for your home, we recommend checking the AFUE rating. Energy-efficient systems generally have a score of at least 80. The higher the AFUE rating, the higher the initial investment will be when purchasing the furnace. Over time, the money that you save in heating costs should outweigh this expense.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use refrigerants to absorb heat from outside sources such as air, water, and the ground. An exchanger is then used to transfer the hot air into a home. Heat pumps are commonly designed to draw thermal energy from ambient air or the ground.

In modern homes, this method of heating is becoming increasingly popular. Air and ground source heat pumps are quite expensive compared to other heating options for the home. However, homeowners who live in more temperate climates can see significant energy savings.


Boilers use electricity, propane, or natural gas as a source of fuel to heat the water in their systems. The hot air that is created by a boiler is carried around the home using radiators, baseboard heaters, or aluminum panels in ceilings, floors, or walls.

When using a boiler or radiant heat system, a home can achieve maximum heat efficiency without circulating allergens throughout the building. Although furnaces are a much better option for energy efficiency, older boilers that are still functional can be professionally retrofitted to make them more efficient.

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