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How Does Insulation Keep Your House Cool?


As a homeowner, you’re always thinking of new ways to save money on monthly energy bills without compromising the comfort of your home. It’s why you always stay on top of your AC services (you do keep up with regular HVAC maintenance, don’t you?) every year. But did you know that insulation actually plays a big factor in your home’s comfort?

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Learn how to keep cool air where it belongs, indoors, for your Bucks County or Philadelphia home this summer.

What is Insulation, and How Does it Work?

Insulation is the material found inside your walls, attic, floors, and ceilings that prevents heat loss and gain by acting as a protective barrier between the interior and exterior of the house. It works by slowing down the transfer of heat from one zone to another. For example, when your home is warm and cozy in the winter, the insulation traps heat indoors so that it doesn’t escape outside. In the summer, the process is reversed. Instead of trapping heat inside, it prevents heat from entering the house.

Proper insulation is a necessity in every home. Without it, you would never be able to sustain the heat or cool produced by your heater or air conditioner, respectively. As a result, your home would never be at a comfortable temperature — no matter how much you fight with the thermostat.

Since insulation acts as a temperature moderator, it also affects your HVAC system’s energy-efficiency. If you can retain a comfortable indoor climate (because you have good insulation), your HVAC doesn’t have to constantly run in the background. This will make it more energy-efficient, which, in turn, helps you save on your energy bills. So, when it comes down to it, adequate insulation is simply another way to increase your savings!

What Types of Insulation are There?

How Can You Check for Poor Insulation?

Although insulation is installed throughout your house, like between the walls and floorboards, most of these places should be left alone by homeowners and checked only by professionals. There’s only really one area in your home where you can check the insulation levels yourself — the attic. Take a look at the attic joists and how they compare to the amount of insulation. Does the insulation sit below or level with the joists? Then, it may not be enough. Does the insulation rise above and cover the joists? Then, you’re probably good to go!

Nonetheless, there are other ways to estimate whether you have good insulation or not. They involve paying close attention to your HVAC system. If your home never keeps a comfortable indoor climate or if some rooms have different temperatures than others, your insulation may be to blame. This will also be reflected in high energy bills.

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