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Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Acknowledges “Expertly Better” Technicians!


Any company can “promise” high-quality work and “guarantee” satisfaction, but it takes a special organization to consistently deliver upon those promises and guarantees. Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling has challenged local homeowners to discover what it means to be an “Expertly Better” air conditioning service company in Cape May County or Burlington County.  We at Hutchinson would like to introduce you to two technicians who show every day what it truly means to be “Expertly Better!”

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Don Hamer, who joined Team Hutchinson in 2013, has in a short time proven that he understands what it takes to create a world-class experience for his customers. Don delivers “Expertly Better” experiences in Cape May County and Atlantic County NJ, specializing in AC repairs in Avalon, NJ, just like with his newest “customer for life,” Anna R.

Edward Pazden, joined Team Hutchinson in 2010, and is a two-time winner of our prestigious HUTCH CUP, recognizing continued excellence for residential technicians, Ed continues to show what it takes to be the best! Fabrizio C. is the most recent.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling can only deliver on its continued promise of technical and customer service excellence thanks to dedicated, skilled, and profession employees like Don Hamer & Ed Pazden.

To schedule your ACC or Heater maintenance with Don, Ed, or another of our “Expertly Better” technicians, call 1-888-953-8728, or visit