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Hutchinson plumbers and HVAC service contractors take good care of the people here. We provide local installation and maintenance for air conditioners and heating systems too. If anyone from Cape May Point to Dennis Township, to Ocean City, needs a repair, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form on this site. Give us a call 24/7 for any emergency or to schedule any installation service at your convenience. Our local contractors are always on call. We can install an air conditioner, repair your heating or send a plumber to fix a drip, just call us!

Cape May County, NJ is a magical place where people both vacation and work hard. It is located on a beautiful peninsula in Southern NJ. It is a beacon of conservation efforts for marine species and migrating birds. It was settled in the early 1600s and started as a whaling community, but now it works to protect them.

Cape May County is a daydream for kids wanting to play on the beaches and boardwalks, and a dream come true for some lucky retirees. The people here are so unique, that they petitioned to become their own state of South Jersey in 1980. Hutchinson would have still provided the best HVAC maintenance and repair services here with either name.

In 1943 the Cape May Canal was created, connecting the bay to the harbor. In 1955 the Garden State Parkway increased the influx of people drastically. Hundreds of thousands of vacationers visit and never tire of it, returning year after year. President Lincoln liked to vacation here too.

Cape May County is the Southernmost tip of New Jersey, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. This resort county boasts over thirty miles of beaches and year-round homes to over 93,000 residents. The coastline is surrounded by resort islands, all having their own distinct personalities and history. Cape May is home to the very first resort in America, and we all know the accompanying song. We sometimes hum “On the way to Cape May” on the drive through Cape May County when someone needs a plumber.

Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning services are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency to perform Energy Star Audits. Our contractors are experts in saving energy and on the installation of energy saving systems that create comfort and savings for you. The environmental footprint our HVAC systems leave is important to everyone. Cape May County is a leader in protecting ecosystems, watersheds, marine life and finding solutions for sustainability into the future. So are we.

The Cape May County Zoo is a great example of the care given to threatened species. These beautiful animals are comfortably housed and well taken care of. They run a world-class breeding system that is saving species from extinction. It is also a fun place to go. Other fun favorites of this county are Wildwood’s boardwalk, where you should “watch the tram car please” while you enjoy the two miles of carnival-like atmosphere along the widest beaches around.

We service the shops and restaurants in these towns as well as the residents and hotels. You might see our bright Hutchinson vans driving close by as you enjoy a state park, beach or lighthouse.

Don’t forget to visit the local wineries here or taste the fresh produce from Cape May County farms. This is a great place to visit or stay. You can see a lot of it from the top of a boardwalk ferris wheel or from the lighthouse window. After you go home at night, you can rest easy knowing Hutch does the maintenance for your air conditioning system. Your comfort is important, so call us if you need heating repair.