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Is Late Summer Too Early to Schedule a Check-up for Your Heater?


When it comes to scheduling a check-up or maintenance appointment, there are bad times and good times. When the heat index rises over 100 degrees, it’s a terrible time to schedule service for your heater. However, late summer is an excellent time to schedule your heater’s yearly check-up, and here are four reasons:

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  1. Availability

As summer wanes and the temperatures begin to drop into the low-80’s, there are few HVAC issues left: air conditioners that were going to break have already been repaired, and it’s not hot enough outside to break any more air conditioners. What this means for you is that there is also an excellent chance you can schedule your heater maintenance on the day and time of your choosing.

  1. It isn’t too Hot

While few people would turn their furnace on when it is 80 degrees outside, that is actually a perfect time to service your furnace. When your technician arrives, your air conditioner should have your home at a comfortable temperature. As the check-up begins and the furnace is turned on, your house will rise by approximately 5 degrees. As this is a “dry heat,” your air conditioner should have your home comfortable again in about an hour.

  1. Decisions Aren’t Rushed

For most homeowners, your heater is going to break on the coldest day of the year, at 2:00 AM.  So, when the repair man shows up, you are short on choices. By scheduling your annual maintenance in late summer, any issues detected are found long before you actually need your furnace. This will afford you the time to properly review all of your choices and select the option best for you and your family.

  1. Help the Air Conditioner

Though your heater and air conditioner serve two very different purposes, they share many of the same components, such as the filter and fan. A thorough cleaning of your heater’s fan and replacing of your filter, can provide your air conditioner a nice little boost in both performance and efficiency, to help keep you cool for the remainder of the summer.

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