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Hutchinson Plumbing: 1948 – 2016, From the Beginning, 60+ Years of History


The founding of Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling began in 1948 with the return from World War II of brothers, George II and Bill Hutchinson. Together, with their father George I, they sought out to start a business and find their fortune: the “American Dream.” Given their father’s experience as a pipe fitter at New York Shipbuilding in Camden, NJ, the decision was easy; they would be plumbers. Hutchinson Plumbing was thus founded in their hometown of Haddonfield, NJ.

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George II and Bill Hutchinson – 1964

Though they had “decided” to be plumbers, they needed someone to trust these young upstarts. The first job which Hutchinson Plumbing was ever hired: to remove a tree stump on East Park Avenue in Haddonfield, NJ. The brothers continued in this way, accepting odd jobs that no one else was willing to do, and slowly, and steadily, built a reputation. They were the company who was always willing to help, always available, able to assist on any household issue, and always done right.  Within six years, Hutchinson Plumbing had grown to eight trucks and the largest company in the area. Though by this time the brothers’ work included more water heater replacements, and less tree stump removals, their dedication to take the jobs no one else wanted, to always be available to help, and to always do the job right, had not changed.

Sixty years, and two more generations later, George II and Bill Hutchinson’s values still constitute the core values of Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling. Today, these values describe how we at Hutchinson are “Expertly Better,” including our full-service Plumbing Department. We still do all of the “dirty” work that nobody else wants to do: toilet repair, sewer piping, and garbage disposals. But we also do the jobs everyone wants: tankless water heaters, laundry water lines, new faucets, and sinks.

Though Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling has increased the number of services offered and has become better known as a heating and air conditioning repair company, our plumbing services continue to be the best in South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia area. They also continue to live up to the lofty standards set by our founders: George I, George II, and Bill Hutchinson.

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