How to Fix and Prevent Frozen Pipes
How to Fix and Prevent Frozen Pipes


How to Fix and Prevent Frozen Pipes


How to Fix and Prevent Frozen Pipes

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Frozen pipes have become a huge problem this winter, one of the coldest on record. When pipes freeze, homeowners can lose water access and pipes can burst leading to leaks and floods. If you’ve been stricken by the frozen pipe epidemic of 2014, there are a few things you can do to take care of your house in its time of need.

They key here is heat. One method of thawing pipes is to carefully apply hot or boiling water. Wrap a hot towel around the pipe or wrap a dry towel around it and slowly pour hot water over it, using a bucket to catch runoff.

But maybe you don’t want boiling water to splash back onto you. You can use a torch, but this is very dangerous for obvious reasons. Place a piece of fireproof material between the pipe and the wall for safety, and use care. Avoid soldered pipe joints. It may go without saying, but flame is not the preferred method for plastic pipes.

Not much of a thrill seeker? Heat lamps and hair dryers are the safest options, although they do take longer. Alternatively, try wrapping pipes in electrical heating cable and cover the cable with insulation. This technique can be used to prevent freezing, as well. Keeping houses heated throughout the winter is another way to avoid frozen pipes.

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It’s important to winterize your home every winter, especially extreme winters like the current one. Shutting off exterior hose connection valves and having gutters cleaned are two key elements to keep in mind. If you do not address these items you can experience ice damming. This is when snow melting off the roof refreezes because gutters are clogged with leaves or snow and ice. The water will back up and drip over the gutters, forming icicles.

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