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How to Know When It’s Time to Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

How to Know When It’s Time to Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

Your clothes dryer performs a vital service when it comes to keeping your clothes clean and dry. However, lint can build up in the lint trap and hose, creating a fire hazard. When air cannot escape the dryer van, it remains trapped in your dryer and may become very hot. To ensure your dryer continues to work in optimal condition, schedule regular dryer vent cleaning. At Hutchinson, we have a number of maintenance plans that cover your dryer so you can keep your family safe. If you have dirty vents, it also impacts your indoor air quality.

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Here are a few signs that it’s time to schedule service for your machine.

It Takes Longer for Your Clothes to Dry

Typically, it should take less than 40 minutes for clothes to dry. However, if your vents are clogged, it could take twice as long. The dryer vent pushes hot moist air from the dryer to outside your home. In the case of a clogged vent, moist air can’t escape effectively, resulting in wasted energy and more wear and tear on your dryer. You may also notice a musty smell on your clothes.

Burning Smell

Is there a burning smell when you run the dryer? If so, it’s time to clean the lint trap and ducts. When small pieces of lint trapped in the hose get hot, the smell permeates the area around your dryer. This flammable material presents a fire hazard, so you should ensure that it gets cleaned out frequently. Our professionals can inspect the dryer and clean out the lint trap and duct.

Lint Outside the Vent Opening

Air exits your dryer from your home through a vent. These vents are typically six inches wide. If you notice lint around this opening, it’s probably time to schedule a cleaning.

When is the Last Time You Had Your Vent and Ducts Cleaned?

Scheduling annual maintenance that includes vents and duct cleaning saves energy, prolongs the life of your dryer, and may prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. Call a professional to perform the service and ensure that the job gets done correctly. We use a special brush on the end of a vacuum to penetrate deep into the ducts and clear out any accumulated lint and debris.

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