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The Top 7 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

The Top 7 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

Not all items in your kitchen are fit for your drain. However, some homeowners cannot resist the temptation to turn their kitchen sinks into garbage cans. Some of the things that you put in your drain can cause adverse effects on your plumbing system, overall household, and the environment. 

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Here are seven things that you should not be putting down your drain.

Uncooked Rice

Uncooked rice absorbs tons of water that expands and clogs your pipes. Rice grains tend to swell up and clump together when wet. They then form solid clumps that block the flow of water in your piping system. This may eventually lead to blocked and malfunctioning drains, which cost a lot to correct.


When fixing a quick meal, it is quite tempting to throw empty eggshells into your drain. However, doing so may invite a horde of problems on your pipes and septic tanks. Wet eggs are sticky and may stick to parts of the pipes and garbage disposal blades to cause a blockage.

Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds can quickly damage your pipes and septic system. Coffee grounds can stick together to form large lumps that cause clogging in your pipes and entire drain system.

Used Motor Oil

Pouring used motor oil down your kitchen drain results in environmental pollution. Remember, it is also illegal in most states to do so. Used oil that is not disposed of properly can contaminate the water supply for a significant portion of the population. To avoid hefty fines, seek the help of your local recycling or water center when disposing of the waste.


Wet pasta tends to swell up quickly and stick to your garbage disposal blades and pipes. If you encounter clogging due to swelling pasta, pour boiling water down your drain to dislodge pasta blockage.

Cooking Fat

Some cooking fat such as bacon grease can cause severe clogging on your drain systems. The fat solidifies at room temperature and hardens inside your pipes. This eventually causes drain blockages and bad odors.


Like oil, drugs and medicine can have impacts on the environment if not disposed of properly. The medications can leak chemicals that impact aquatic animals by interfering with growth and reproduction.

Clogged drains are a conducive habitat for bacteria, which pose a health hazard to your loved ones. At Hutchinson, we offer quality drain cleaning services focused on identifying blockage points and unclogging your drain. Book a drain inspection appointment with us today and let the experts identify and fix any blockage problems.