My Pipes Are Frozen — What Should I Do?
My Pipes Are Frozen — What Should I Do?

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My Pipes Are Frozen — What Should I Do?

My Pipes Are Frozen — What Should I Do?

Frozen pipes can disrupt your water supply and leave you with a big mess once everything thaws out. Therefore, dealing with your frozen pipes as soon as possible minimizes the damage and helps restore the regular functioning of your plumbing system. Hutchinson can help you deal with a residential plumbing emergency, including frozen pipes, any time of the day or night so you can continue to enjoy hot and cold water throughout your home.

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The Dangers of Frozen Pipes

Water expands when frozen, which means that water trapped inside a pipe when it gets below freezing could cause the pipe to bulge or burst. A broken or cracked pipe can lead to leaks or flooding, causing a big, expensive problem for you as a homeowner.

Dealing with a Frozen Pipe

If you’ve been hit with a hard freeze and one or more of your pipes has frozen solid, you may be able to stem the damage before everything starts to thaw. Turning off the water supply at the stop tap, or stopcock, can prevent flooding once the pipe thaws. Open all the taps in your house to drain out any water already in the system. Put a pan or bucket below the frozen pipe to catch any water once the ice melts and call a plumber to inspect and fix the pipe before turning on the main water supply again.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Prevention is the best solution to frozen pipes, and there are a few things you can do to help reduce the chances of your pipes freezing. Pipes that run outside your home or in unheated areas, such as a basement, are the most at risk, so these should be insulated before winter weather drops temperatures below freezing. Leaving taps slightly open to allow a small amount of water to drip during cold weather also helps prevent freezing.

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