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How to Tell if You Should Repair or Replace an AC System


At some point in their lives, many homeowners have to decide on whether it’s time to replace or repair their AC system. It’s a tough call, and there are many factors to consider to choose the best action to take. Here at Hutchinson, we advise hundreds of customers on cost-effective solutions to get the most efficiency out of their AC units. In fact, we’ve listed some tips below to help you make an educated decision regarding AC repairs or replacements.

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Replace Faulty AC Units Over 10 Years Old

Unfortunately, AC units can decline in functionality and efficiency over time. They often last the same amount of time as an average residential occupancy, which is around ten years. Beyond this timeframe, we recommend having your AC unit professionally inspected and consider replacing the system. Failing to do this may result in increased energy bills and ongoing maintenance costs that will ultimately lead to a replacement anyway.

Consider the Cost of Repairs

If a system is over six years old and a repair is going to cost over $800, we recommend looking for a replacement AC system. For AC units that are one to five years old, it may be worth investing the $800 to squeeze a few more years out of the equipment. However, if you frequently have to get the AC unit repaired and the costs over two-three years are surpassing the $800 mark, it’s time to replace the unit before it costs you even more money.

Replace if Your Electricity Bills Are Increasing for No Reason

Are you noticing a steady increase in your electricity bills? Are they going up despite no changes in the thermostat schedule? Are the bills higher than those of friends and family who live in similarly sized properties? If yes, you should seriously consider purchasing a new AC system.

If your AC system is not performing as you expect and consuming excess energy, it’s generally due to a device failure as the equipment struggles to achieve the same functions that it once did with ease. Shop around for a new energy efficient system to try and make up some of the cash that you’ve already spent on higher energy bills due to your current faulty AC system.

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