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5 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drains


As one of the most reputable drain cleaning companies near Philadelphia, we know that certain items and materials can destroy drainage systems. For this reason, it’s essential that homeowners act responsibly when disposing of different substances. After all, it’s good for the environment and will help to avoid expensive plumbing repair and maintenance costs!

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Below, you’ll find a list of five things to avoid disposing of via your drains.

Cooking Grease

Whenever you’ve cooked using cooking oils, there is often a layer of grease left coating the pan. Cooking oil is one of the main perpetrators when it comes to the root causes of drain blockages. This greasy sludge can coat your pipes and trap other debris as it makes its way down the drainpipe, leading to blockages that can be costly to repair.

Paper Towels

If you use paper towels to clean down your bathroom sink or countertop, it’s easy to dispose of them by flushing them down the toilet. However, the very technology that makes them able to absorb lots of fluids makes them expand in your drainpipes. These can cause dangerous blockages and lead to flooding in your bathroom.

Wet Wipes

After washing your hands or cleaning up with a wet wipe, toss them in the trash instead of the toilet bowl. Even though it may seem easier to flush them, they are not designed to break down efficiently like toilet tissue. Therefore, they often create clumps within pipes, and these clumps harden over time.


Even sinks that have garbage disposals can fall prey to eggshells. Although garbage disposal facilities break down eggshell materials, they can clump back together again and lead to blockages. If possible, place the shells on a compost pile instead of down the drain.

Coffee Grounds

As tempting as it is to run the faucet and watch the coffee grounds disappear, with many different grains, they can linger and catch on your drain pipes. Garbage disposals will not be able to prevent this process entirely.

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