4 Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes
4 Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes


4 Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes


It’s that time of year. The temperatures are dropping, increasing the risk of the water in your home’s pipes freezing and enlarging. There are some pretty obvious signs that your water pipes are frozen, including:

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  • Turning on a sink and the water is not running or flowing correctly.
  • Toilets won’t refill after a flush.
  • A water line covered in frost or any lumps within the pipe.

Frozen pipes can quickly turn into broken, leaky pipes, and can lead to costly flooding. So, what can you do to stop your pipes from freezing? Watch below for some preventative measures you can take to lower your chances of having frozen pipes this winter.

If these preventative tips aren’t enough and your pipes are frozen, trust the experts at Hutchinson! If you have any plumbing emergency at your home in South Jersey or Philadelphia, you can count on our technicians to be there as soon as possible. Reach out to us today at 866-953-8728.