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What Those Unusual Odors from Your Gas Furnace Might Indicate


After adjusting our clocks, we’re feeling the chills of winter in our bones, and our furnaces all the more every day and night. Residents of Camden County and surrounding areas should now be thinking about heating repairs before the temperatures match the season. In a more humane world, our clocks would stay the same all year long—as would our bank accounts, homes, and gas furnaces. Instead of groveling in a home that’s 15 degrees colder than it needs to be, listen to your pals at Hutchinson as we talk about your gas furnace and how it should smell.

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If you catch one of the following odors emanating from your furnace, you may want to call us (just saying)!

Sulfur Odor

If an overpowering, stale egg stench reaches your nostrils, assume that’s not old breakfast but a natural gas leak. If you smell this, do not hesitate. Immediately turn off your furnace, open every nearby window, and flee the premise. Once safely away from the fumes, do call your local gas company. When you smell sulfur, it’s not the natural gas that you smell, but a stinky additive telling you that you may be in danger.

Burning Odor

When furnaces get too warm for comfort, they start overheating inside, producing a smell that’s both electric and fiery. It’s at this point that you should turn off the furnace, pick up the phone and call us for a heater checkup in Gloucester County and other parts of PA and NJ included. Our HVAC technicians will promptly arrive and diagnose your furnace, sparing you that alchemical stench.

Moldy Odor

Should you smell something fungal and mysterious near your gas furnace, that may imply a number of things—but mainly, it means that condensation is occurring inside your AC unit. If left unchecked for too long, moisture accumulates, creating conditions ideal for AC molds and mildews. Although not lethal in nature, the smell produced by these fungal entities can be accompanied by poorer air quality.

Dusty and Gassy Burning Odor

Once your heater or furnace is first turned on, it’ll be burning up any dust that’s gathered in the months since you used it. If you continue to smell this throughout the season, schedule a visit from one of our Hutchinson technicians.