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Crucial Water-Saving Advice for the Autumn and Winter Seasons


Though you may only think about conserving your water during the summer months, it’s always prudent—if not crucial—that you monitor your usage of it at all times as it’s funneled toward your washing of clothes, dishes, food prep, and personal hygiene. At Hutchinson, we can’t ignore how much water goes used, even during the winter. Our plumbers near Gloucester see customers who sometimes overlook this, busy as they are with their own work, family life, and personal pursuits.

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In the interest of all our loyal customers, here’s our advice on what you can do during the winter to conserve your water and protect your plumbing:

  1. Insulating your hot water pipes may be the most feasible and sensible thing that you can do as a homeowner. Utilizing heat-resistant foam and sealant tape, you can plug up any holes or air leaks—before you call your plumbers, in the Gloucester area—to inspect and fix them properly.
  2. Don’t forget your outdoor piping, either. As the temperatures drop in the fall and winter, everything outdoors feels the brunt of it, exposed as it is without any heat and limited sunlight. What you don’t want—in the worst-case scenario—is pipes with water that will freeze and burst.
  3. The transition to heating your home can be a slow and steady process. In the meantime, keep an eye on your home’s water supply by dripping your faucets when temperatures plummet. So long as your faucets flow with moving water, you’ll drastically decrease the chances of them freezing. If you’re of the conservative mind in everything you do, grab a bucket to catch all those stray drops—then boil them for your tea or morning coffee.
  4. Remain vigilant after the first thawing of the fall and winter season. Because water is a contracting and expanding substance, it has a tendency to cause stress and strain on your pipes with extreme and sudden fluctuations in temperatures. A break in the indoor or outdoor piping of your home may reveal itself in a leak or two. If you catch any breaks in your piping, we’ll give you a break from all your headaches and inspect your systems as qualified, and certified professionals.