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Carbon Monoxide and Heating Systems – What You Need to Know


In anticipation of what may be a frigid and freezing winter season, we here at Hutchinson are reminding our customers that our emergency heating company is serving South Jersey all season long and 24/7. To ensure that your homes stay as comfortable and cozy as you’d like, we recommend that you give some thought to your heating system before the worst of the season comes our way. Though our customers may have some familiarity with their heater and heating system as a whole, we find that they sometimes forget about the dangers of a malfunctioning heating system and carbon monoxide gases.

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“Where’s the Carbon Monoxide Inside My Home?”

Though you may not realize it, carbon monoxide is an essential part of the life cycle and the operation of your home’s heating system. When heating systems go neglected and without any inspections all year long, there’s always a chance that excess carbon monoxide could, in fact, be emanating from your heating unit.

Carbon monoxide itself, as far as household gases go, cannot be detected by our senses. In order to catch it before it starts endangering you and your family, you need HVAC veterans, like our heater repair company—serving Camden County and surrounding areas—to give it a professional look. As it so happens, even the smallest of leaks on your furnace can cause problems, leaking out—tasteless and odorless—into every corner of your home.

“How Do I Detect Carbon Monoxide If It’s Invisible?”

If you’re still on the fence about calling our professional HVAC service, you may discover the carbon monoxide in your home in other ways, including: nausea, headaches, confusion and bodily pains. We don’t intend it to ever reach this stage.

“Can You Minimize the Chance of Dangerous Gas Leaks?”

You absolutely can control any carbon monoxide emanating from your gas heater. As a fact of science, carbon monoxide only forms when your furnace or heater oxygen supply is somehow hindered. Without enough oxygen, you get more carbon monoxide than carbon dioxide—the gas we exhale as a result of cellular respiration. When you call a Hutchinson technician, he or she will fully inspect your heater for any potential air clogs or monoxide leaks. Once your heater is operating properly again, we can even inspect and/or install a system of CO detectors in your home. With our HVAC company on your side, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your home or your heating.