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Why “Spring Cleaning” Your Home’s HVAC Unit is Essential


As a company that offers both air conditioning and heating repairs to customers in Gloucester County and many other areas of NJ and PA, we know that once spring arrives, every homeowner always asks the same question: “Should I tune-up my home’s air conditioner?”

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While there are many factors that would go into making that decision, such as the age of the AC, type of AC, and service history, the short answer is “yes.”

In fact, here are a couple of reasons why a “spring cleaning” of your home’s air conditioner is essential!

It’s Been Months

When was the last time you used your air conditioner? Months? Almost a year? Your air conditioner may have refrigerant issues, the inside coil may be covered in dust, and the electronics may have suffered damage over the winter. In short, it may not be ready to be used.  Before risking additional damage to your home’s air conditioner, consider a quick “spring cleaning” to make sure it can make it through the warmest months of the year without any issues.

It’s Cheaper

Has your car ever made a strange noise? This may have happened to you a few times. If you are anything like most people, when this has happened you have both acted immediately to the strange noise, and, you may have waited a “little too long” to address that strange sound. We all know what happens next . . .

By identifying and addressing issues earlier in the spring, the repair bill tends to be less. A small “spring cleaning” of your air conditioning system can help to save you a big headache (repair bill) later.

What should be included in a “spring cleaning?”

 An effective “spring cleaning” should include:

  •  A check of refrigerant levels to make sure they are at optimal levels. If not, a leak detector should be used to check for a local refrigerant leak
  • A check of the filter and a replacement as necessary
  • A measure of the airflow across the coil
  • A measure of “temperature drop” across the coil
  • A check and verification that all electronic controls are operating properly
  • A cleaning, tightening, fixing, or replacing of electric ports as necessary
  • A check of oil motors and fan belt of fan inside of the furnace
  • A checking of the accuracy of the home’s thermostat

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