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Why Your Home Might Not Be Getting Cool, and What You Can Do to Get It Cool


Wouldn’t it be helpful if your home came with an instruction manual that could detail all of the reasons why it might not be getting cool when you crank up the AC? Well, it doesn’t, and finding out why your home isn’t getting cool will often be a task that only an air conditioning technician can handle. However, if you’re wondering what might be the reason why there is little to no cool air circulating throughout your home, here is one of the biggest:

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The air conditioner is too small or too big for you home!

Every home is different and unique; this means that, unfortunately, not every air conditioning system works perfectly in every home. And, if anyone tells you otherwise, it’s best to end the call politely, kindly escort the technician out of your home, or it’s time to get a second opinion!

Think of it as the “Goldilocks Effect.”  If you want your air conditioning system to keep you cool, it cannot be too big or too small, but rather it should be “just right” for your unique home.  While some people may believe that having a larger AC unit installed is better because it will provide “superior cooling,” this is not always the case. While a larger unit may cool a home quickly, it tends to not adequately remove the humidity from the home. This will leave you with a clammy and damp environment. Additionally, the air conditioner may not have had an opportunity to deliver the cold air to the rooms furthest away. This can cause your home to have rooms that are too hot or too cold throughout your first floor and your second floor. What’s more, your second floor might be several degrees warmer than the first floor.

To assure that your home is kept cool, it’s best to make sure you have the right-sized air conditioner. The good news in all of this is that there is an easy way to determine what sized air conditioner is ‘just right’ for you and your home; it is called a “Manual J Calculation,” and any qualified HVAC contractor can do one.

The first step is a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit. During the audit, a specially trained technician will inspect your home’s insulation levels, analyze major mechanical equipment, and check for any health and safety issues.

Ultimately, having the properly sized air conditioner at your home is one of the best and most efficient ways to make sure you will be able to keep your home and your family cool this summer.

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