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3 Signs It’s Time to Consider Replacing Your AC Unit This Spring


Maybe, it’s just time . . .

Early spring, or before the temperatures get too high, are the ideal times to schedule air conditioning maintenance Why? Murphy’s Law!  “What can go wrong, will go wrong.”  We have all experienced this at least once in our lives, that moment when the world seems to simply have it out for us, and your air conditioning system is not immune.  Do you think your air conditioner is going to stop working when it is 75 degrees, or 95 degrees?

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Performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner can improve efficiency, prevent costly repair costs, and prolong lifetime so you can get “just one more year.”  What’s more, having your system checked sooner, rather than later, will also help you determine whether or not you need a new system. In fact, to help you better decide if this spring is the year when you will need to invest in a new unit, here are three signs to help you see if “maybe, it’s just time.”

Your A/C is how old?

Unfortunately, AC systems do not last forever, and the older they get, the worse they perform.  While there are a number of factors which help to determine how many years an air conditioner will work, the average appears to be around 12 years. And your A/C is how old? Don’t know. You can check!

On the side of your air conditioner there is a sticker which lists the “date of manufacture (MFD),” sometimes this date is listed as the first four digits in the serial number.  If the sticker is worn where you cannot read the date . . . that’s a sign.

You find yourself paying for tons of repairs.

An air conditioner that is in good shape and that receives maintenance every year will require fewer repairs. However, if you find yourself scheduling repairs regularly throughout the summer season, or are spending a lot of money to keep it running, it’s time for an upgrade. Eventually, the amount of money you are spending repairing your old A/C could probably have bought you a new one.

You can do better!

There is no rule that says you cannot replace a unit that is working with one that will prove to be much more energy efficient and provide more comfort: simply put, better. New technology and other advancements in the HVAC industry have dramatically improved both the efficiency and capabilities available from systems.

Sometimes, it is obvious that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced. Other times, it is not so obvious, and only a professional air conditioning technician will be able to help. If you believe that it might be time for a new system, you can reach out to us here at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling to discover if that is indeed the case.

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