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How to Keep Yourself Warm in the Winter without Turning up Your Home’s Heat


When the temperatures begin to drop, and then stay around or near the freezing mark, most people put their heaters on full blast. However, if you would rather refrain from seeing a spike in your energy bills this winter (due to your heating system working extra hard), there are some other things that you can do to keep yourself, and your home, warm.

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Let the sunlight in!

Immediately after the sun rises, open up those blinds and curtains, and let the sunlight in! And, even though it is cold outside, the sun will still provide warmth!

Keep your curtains closed at night.

Once the sun sets, keep all of the heat in your home by closing your curtains. What’s more, if you live in an extremely cold area, you can consider acquiring insulated curtains to help prevent a lot of the heat from escaping.

Spend time in more rooms than others? Close the door!

If you spend time in one particular room of your home (more than others), you can close the door to trap the heat. For example, if you want to walk into a warm bedroom when you finally decide to go to bed, keep the door closed during the day.

Utilize your oven more often in the winter!

One of the reasons people cook outside during the summer is because it is too hot to cook inside. But, it is the reverse in the winter. So, when you are done cooking that chicken, ham, or casserole, keep the oven door open to allow the leftover heat to escape.

Pull out extra blankets and sweaters!

When it all comes down to it, if you want to keep warm, but not have to rely on your heater (as much), you should be pulling out some extra blankets, and wearing some warm clothes. After all, it’s wintertime, and it’s cold! All of your shorts and tank tops should be packed away until next spring!