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3 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating System


As a company that provides heating repairs in Gloucester County, Burlington County, Camden County and many others, we know when it’s time for a homeowner to install a new heating system. Although, whether or not a homeowner can be completely convinced to have a new one installed is another story… In fact, some are fine with spending a lot of money every few months instead of investing in a new system. But, for those of you who desire to know (how we know) when it is time for a homeowner to obtain the services of a heating company to install a new system, consider these three signs:

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Sign #1  The total cost of repairs, and your energy bills, are really starting to add up.

If you find yourself having to call a heating repair company to come out to your home two to three times a month, there is a strong chance that it’s time for a new unit. Also, if the repairs are not simple fixes, but are big issues that cost a few hundred dollars to remedy each time, it is time to consider a new system. What’s more, if your energy bills are steadily getting higher, there is the chance that your heating system might be to blame. In all, if your energy bills keep rising, and you need to call someone to make repairs, it’s time to say “Yes,” to the new heating system.

Sign #2 – Your heating system is not doing its job correctly.

The main reason you have a heater is to keep warm when it’s too cold. But, if you find that it is having trouble doing something as simple as that, it might be time to install a system that will meet your needs. Furthermore, if your heating system is not doing its job correctly because it is old, it’s time to for an upgrade (which is also sign #3 on this list.)

Sign #3 – Your heating system is over two decades old!

Unfortunately, heating systems will not function correctly forever. Additionally, the older they get, the more likely you will see signs #1 and #2 (which are often repercussions of having an old system.)

So, if you are wondering what the most obvious sign is (even to us) that it is time you need a new heating system it is—old age!