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How to Fix Those Cold and Hot Spots in Your Home


Do you ever walk out of one room in your home, step one foot into another, and then discover that it is drastically warmer (or colder) than the previous room? Well, unfortunately, many homes have cold and hot spots because of how old they are, or how they were designed.

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For example, if you live in a two-story home, it is extremely challenging to remedy hot spots as heat rises. Furthermore, the bigger the home is, and the more rooms there are away from the thermostat, the more difficult it will be for some rooms to reach the right temperature.

However, there is hope. Getting in touch with a residential air conditioning and heating company that offers Energy Audits, is the first thing you need to do to find solutions to your cold and hot spot problems!

Here are a few things that you can do (and that a professional will also do) to help eliminate those frustrating cold and hot spots:

Check to see how little, or how much, sunlight is entering your home.

If you didn’t know, the sun’s UV rays can penetrate through most windows. So, if you have too many windows in one particular area of your home over another, the chances are that this room is a lot warmer. If you want to make sure a room is heated properly in the winter, and thus cool in the summer, you can take some time to insulate them, or consider installing some energy-efficient windows.

Examine windows and doors for cracks.

If you find any cracks or holes around your windows, seal them up with some caulk. Applying caulk will not only help to patch up cracks or holes, but it will also limit the amount of water that enters your home, and can also control how much noise penetrates your home from the outside world.

Check your unit’s efficiency. If everything is in working order, it might be too small to do its job.

If you have a large home, or a two-story home, and discover that everything appears to be in working order in regards to your heating or AC unit—it might be time to have a bigger unit installed, or a have a zoned heating and cooling system installed. In fact, a zoned system will allow you to control the temperature in different areas of your home. Therefore, if there are areas in your home that you occupy more than others at different times of the year, it would be wise to spend money on a zoned system instead of having one unit desperately trying to make EVERY room the right temperature!

In the end, there is no denying that eliminating those cold and hot spots will be reflected on your energy bills. In other words, if you work to eliminate them as much as you can, and have the right system installed, your monthly energy bill will be much less than it usually is!