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Wondering how to save money when cooling your home this summer? Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling, the air conditioning repair company in Burlington County, Camden County and all over South Jersey and Philadelphia area, has a few tips and products that can help their clients during these warm and sometimes expensive summer months. Between innovative landscaping techniques and new technology like solar power, it’s easy to keep your home comfortable this season without overpaying.

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Landscaping is not usually something that comes to mind when people think of their HVAC systems. However, even basic planning can have a positive impact on how your home consumes energy. Certain trees can be useful in both summer and winter, especially when planted at the south and west sides of the house. In the summer the trees’ leaves block the sun, reducing the greenhouse effect so homes won’t get quite as hot. And because these trees lose their leaves in the winter, their bare branches let more sun through in cold months so the house won’t get quite as cold.

Evergreen trees such as pine spruce, and firs never lose their needles, which makes them perfect for windbreaks. This is especially useful in winter months when cold winds will decrease the temperature of houses and make you want to turn the heat up higher.

Residents of Philadelphia and South Jersey now have the option to add solar panels to their homes for more efficient and more affordable energy. Hutchinson is now performing installations of solar energy systems to power your heating and cooling systems to save you money. Between increased home value, tax incentives, and escape from the ever increasing cost of participating in the traditional electricity game, solar power amounts to a truly worthwhile investment.

To save money this summer follow these simple tips and contact Hutchinson for all your air conditioner service needs in Philadelphia and South Jersey.