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Why Offering Home Performance Service Is A Good Idea


Despite what you may think, offering Home Performance service presents many benefits to you as an HVAC provider. Home performance is a method of approaching efficiency problems from a whole house perspective, recognizing the connection between every system in the building. This method has clear benefits for homeowners – your customers. Lower operation costs, easier operation, and higher efficiency are just a few of these benefits. However, the benefits for you, as an HVAC provider, may not seem quite as clear.

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Benefits from fitting your customers’ homes with home performance technology include simplifying your job, increasing your revenue, and leading to happier customers. Not to mention the fact that happier customers tend to lead to even more customers.

Houses with home performance will run more smoothly than those without it and – due to this – require less maintenance. While maintenance costs will be lower thanks to the decreased frequency of maintenance, these low maintenance costs are made possible by the more expensive, better quality appliances your customers will be using. Home performance projects can sell for between $8,000 and $14,000 more than a traditional HVAC system. Your customers will buy the Home Performance system despite the costs because it offers them clear benefits in the long run despite the upfront cost, so you end up benefiting from the upfront project cost.

Also, when maintenance and new installations are needed, having a comprehensive, whole house system in place will make it easy for you to fit homes with new appliances. This is because switching more customers over to ENERGY STAR through home energy audits in New Jersey means you’ll be working with similar machines most of the time, which eases the installation and maintenance process.

As mentioned, happy customers tend to lead to more customers. Even with higher upfront costs, your clients will understand that they save money in the long run with home performance. They will appreciate how you’ve helped save them money and increased their comfort and are likely to recommend you to friends and family over other HVAC service companies in Philadelphia. People’s houses are their sanctuaries; take the time to give them exactly what they need and they’ll thank you for it.  Plus, the environment will thank you!