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How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

How long do air conditioners last? Ask yourself this before you invest in a unit or when their unit starts going out. After all, it’s important that you get an excellent investment for the price. Also, your AC is a huge source of comfort during the hotter months. Whether you just came home after a long day of work or you’ve been outside all day, your air conditioner will keep you cool. 

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The alternative, sweating inside under sweltering temperatures, is almost unimaginable. Unfortunately, your AC can break down or malfunction. When this happens, you can choose between repairing or replacing it. To find the best air conditioner, you need to know how long AC units last. Below, we’ll outline the basics.  

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Air Conditioner

It would be fantastic if there was a solid answer, like 15 or 25 years, but the life expectancy of your air conditioners will vary based on many factors. These included whether you had a professional installation, your comfort preferences and climate, how often you schedule routine maintenance, how often you change your air filters and what kind of filters you use. Additionally, when a significant issue comes along, deciding to replace or repair your air conditioner with a big component replacement can add years of life to your unit. It can also reduce the lifespan if you decide to go with a brand-new unit. 

These factors will reduce or extend the life of your unit. However, if you care for your air conditioner and make a point to schedule maintenance, you can expect a quality unit to last between 15 and 20 years before replacing it. 

How Long Does a Central AC Unit Typically Last?

Central AC is a permanent fixture in your home, unlike temporary window units. It’s a more expensive option upfront, but it’ll cool more of your home and last longer than temporary options. High-quality AC units will last between 10 and 15 years, but central air conditioning can easily work for 20 years or longer if you address repairs as they pop up and schedule routine maintenance. When you consider how long they last, don’t forget about the warranty, as this could cover some of the repair costs and parts to make your unit last longer.  

How Long Do Window AC Units Last?

How Long Do Window AC Units Last?

Window AC units last between 5 and 15 years, and a quality one will last 10 to 15 years on average or even up to 20 with regular maintenance. Of course, it’s challenging to guarantee any appliance’s lifespan, but you can get a general idea by looking at customer reviews. Avoid units that break down easily or need a lot of repairs. 

Maintenance, location, and size will also help dictate how long your unit lasts. For example, put the unit in a shaded window so it doesn’t get hit with direct sunlight all day. This will stop your unit from working as hard against the sun’s rays and heat as it works to cool down your house.  

Buying a cheaper window unit is tempting, but you’ll most likely pay more over time for it. Surprise energy bills and constant repairs can easily hurt your budget. So, spending more upfront can save you money later. We recommend going with a mini-split over a window AC if you have the option. 

How Long Do Mini-Split Air Conditioners Last? 

Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

Mini-split ductless air conditioners can last up to approximately 20 years if properly maintained. This lifespan exceeds the typical 10 to 15 years of conventional air conditioning systems. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that your mini-split AC will outlast other types of air conditioners. However, to ensure it lasts, make it a priority to schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC company. Just like any home appliance, your AC system can only reach peak performance when cared for and repaired as needed.

Ways to Increase the Lifespan of AC Unit

AC units are essential for helping you keep your home’s interior cool, particularly during hotter months. Ensuring they perform as best they can and last for years can save you money on replacement costs and improve your unit’s energy efficiency. Below, you’ll find several ways to increase your AC unit’s lifespan.    

  • Clean or Replace Filters – If your AC has dirty filters, it has to work harder. This can lead to premature wear. So, you want to replace the filters every one to three months.  
  • Install Ceiling Fans – Fans help evenly distribute the air, reducing the need to run your AC constantly. 
  • Keep Outdoor Units Clear – Ensure no leaves, debris, or overgrown plants are around the unit. Clearing the space around it will help it run without overworking. 
  • Maintain Your Refrigerant Levels – Ensure the AC has the correct amount of refrigerant, as an undercharged or overcharged system can damage the compressor. 
  • Reduce Sunlight Exposure – Close your blinds or curtains during peak hours. This stops the unit from having to run constantly, and this reduces the strain on your system. 
  • Regularly Clean Coils – Dirty coils can lower your unit’s efficiency and cause it to overheat, so you want to clean them annually.  
  • Schedule Regular MaintenanceService your AC at least annually by a certified technician to extend its life. They’ll check for wear and tear, clean the unit, and ensure it’s running in top form. 
  • Seal the Cooling Ducts – Ensure you have well-insulated AC ducts, as leaks can cause the system to overwork. 
  • Use a Programmable Thermostat – This system can help you keep a constant temperature indoors, prolonging its lifespan and reducing the stress on the unit. 

AC Repair

Extend Your AC Unit’s Average Lifespan 

Investing time in your AC unit’s proper care and maintenance can substantially extend its lifespan, providing you with years of efficient and reliable cooling. Regular check-ups and tune-ups are essential to this care, and professionals are best equipped to keep your unit in top shape.

Visit Hutchinson to learn more about our AC check-up service. Then, when you’re ready to schedule a maintenance or service appointment, simply head over to our book an appointment page. Remember, the longevity of your AC unit is directly influenced by how you treat it. Regular care and attention today can lead to comfort and savings tomorrow.